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  • Hi Team,


    In the checkout page , i cannot see dropdown option for State/County field.




    Hi there,


    Can you give us a link to your shop, so we can take a look?


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team

    Here is an link to my store :

    Looks like a WooCommerce option issue, because we just tested it and it works just fine in our multiple installations. Can you please take a look in WooCommerce options page and see if there are no limitations, for example, under Selling Location(s) or Shipping Location(s).

    I believe if the theme is compatible with WooCommerce then its mandatory to work with all their  option. I cannot alter my needs based on the theme issue.


    But my settings are like this


    Yes, we meant that its possible that some options are turned off and therefore it isn’t working. All WooComerce options should work just fine.


    Can you give as an access data to your website (by sending it to support at shufflehound dot com), so we can help you faster?

    Looks like your screenshot isn’t working.

    sent you all information , please fix it. our store cant accept order because of this issue.

    and also customer are not able to update the cart content in checkout page , since update key is not working.

    We just logged in and we can see that you selected only to sell to specific countries: India, therefore state/county field is disabled.

    To fix this you need to add other countries or delete India to sell in all countries.

    For your information, all other theme work with these specific functionality , do you think this is bug in your template ?


    We are selling only in India then how come we can sell to all other countries ? and please try to fix this bug and release an quick update.


    I do own multiple woocommerce website with different theme , the same functionality works well.

    For your information, I have changed what you have told , still not working in the way it needs to.


    What about the update button in cart page ?

    We found what caused update button issue and it soon will be fixed.


    Still working on why “State / County” is missing for your site. Soon we will update this.

    We found what caused both issues for your website, we will soon send you a new theme version with a fix for both issues.

    I can give you ftp details for my site , please fix our website. We will loose sales. Or release an update immediately.

    We will just update it directly from your website.

    thanks , do you need FTP details ? or how are you going to fix it ? let me know. and when you will fix this ?

    We updated your theme, please take a look (refresh your browser if theme files didn’t update immediately).

    State field should be fixed and update button works, but have an issue which we are still working on.

    appreciate the quick turnaround time , and also i can see that whats the next issue is.


    After updating the cart , the up and down arrow along with quantity is disappearing.

    Yes, that is the issue we mentioned in our previous reply and we are working on it. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    once fixed please make an reply here , i will wait for it 🙂

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 34 total)