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  • Dear Shufflehound,


    I hope you are fine!

    Before updating theme from 3.0.1 to the latest version i didn’t have the issue, but now i have a problem with the portfolio layout on mobile version.


    Please see the attached picture, the hover layout doesn’t work when i scroll down in to portfolio galleries images.


    Thank u so much.

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    Hi @ervis23,


    Thank you for your question.


    I am not sure what you meant by Hover layout so could you please describe it a bit more in detail?


    Also could you please share me the page URL from your site where it is not displaying correctly so that I can troubleshoot it?


    Best regards,
    Shufflehound team

    Hello team,




    My problem happens on mobile version with portfolio images,


    Normally when i scrolled down on the screen on mobile the  image of portfolio changed by displaying a grid with a describing text  and the link to go further.


    Now it doesn’t appear the grid on hover of the image and i should click twice on the screen to display it but is confusing for users i think.


    Thank you very much


    Have a nice day

    Could you please also disable the W3 Total Cache that you are using on your site and disable it?


    Do you want it to work as displayed in the following page?



    Sorry, i deactivated w3 total cache but the problem is not from it.


    Yes i want to display the overlay just like in the model above.


    Anyway on the desktop version the overlay works very fine.


    My problem is when is opened from mobile.

    It is working fine for me on both your site and demo site on mobile as shown in the attached screenshots.


    Please try using a different browser.


    Do you not get that result?


    Could you please tell me your issue a bit more in detail?

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    Hello team,


    Sorry if I did not explain well.

    I am trying to explain once again:

    The problem I have with portfolio overlay images is when they are seen from the mobile version.

    • For example, in the desktop version when you open the page as soon as the mouse is over the image it appears the overlay with the title of the project and then you click on it to proceed to the project page.
    • While in the mobile version when you scroll down on the touch screen the overlay does not appear. Just by clicking on the image it appears and sends you directly to the project page. I have tested in different browsers.

    I ask if its possible when you scroll over the touch screen on the portfolio images to display the overlay without having to click on it.


    On the other hand, I want to thank you for the great support you offer and to congratulate and wish you all the best for the fantastic theme you have build.


    All the best

    I understood the issue now but this only occurs when you click on the image location where the links icons displays.

    If you click on any other part of the image then it displays overlay and then you can click on link icon to visit portfolio page.


    I understand that users don’t know link icon location in advance so I have notified the theme developer about this so that it will be fixed.


    The issue will be fixed ASAP.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)