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    Hi there,


    I am building a site with Jevelin and Event Tickets plus to promote an event. However I need to collect extra info from my attendees. Modern Tribe supports this and it works using 2017 theme. However it doesn’t work when I activate Jevelin.


    What should happen is that when increasing the number of tickets on the page below is that a box for “attendee name” should appear for each ticket. I attached a screenshot of how this looks in the 2017 theme.


    You can visit the page here and see that it doesn’t work with Jevelin, the boxes never show up. It seems like whatever javascript fires to add them is somehow being blocked by Jevelin.



    Modern tribe say it isn’t their problem as it works with a default theme.


    I’ve also tried disabling all plugins with Jevelin and it still doesn’t work.


    Are you able to help? I included logins in a private message.



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    Hi @bkitching,


    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.


    It is working fine for me on your shared site using Jevelin theme as shown in the attached screenshot.


    This can be browser specific issue so could you please test it using different browser?


    Best regards,
    Shufflehound team

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    Hi there,


    What browser is that?


    I tested in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox (all latest versions) and just tested again, it isn’t working for me.



    I am using Chrome browser.


    I confirmed it only works when you type the number in the textbox and not on clicking on the arrows.


    May be this is because Modern tribe doesn’t support clicking on the arrows functionality.


    It definitely works when I click on the arrows with 2017 theme.


    I didn’t think to test that.


    I can work with typing for now. Any ideas why it might not be working on Jevelin with the arrows?

    Not sure why it is not working but it seems the plugin contains some code which conflicts with theme functionality.


    If the plugin developer points any specific theme functionality conflicting with plugin then we can troubleshoot it further.


    Thanks for the quick reply but it sounds like I’m stuck in the middle.. Modern Tribe say that their plugin is working fine as it is functional with default themes.


    They won’t spend time troubleshooting it for that reason.


    I’m inclined to agree with them to be honest, the problem seems more with your theme that with their plugin so I’m a bit disappointed you aren’t prepared to look into it further without help. That feels like I am being fobbed off.


    I am more than prepared to help you investigate by providing access to the site and performing any troubleshooting steps you need but Modern Tribe won’t give us any more help as I’ve already asked them. I use that plugin on several sites and have had few problems.. When I have had problems they have fixed ones that it is their responsibility to fix.

    Ok i can understand your situation so please share me that plugin and tell me step by step how i can reproduce the issue on my test site so that i can troubleshoot and fix it.


    Thanks for your understanding.


    The plugin was too big to attach so I uploaded it here:



    In order to reproduce the issue you’ll need to install the free plugins “Events Calendar” and “Event Tickets” by Modern Tribe. They are in the wordpress repository, you’ll also need WooCommerce from there, you shouldn’t really need to configure any of the above plugins, defaults are all fine. Once they are installed then install Event Tickets Plus.


    Once it’s all installed and activated then you’ll get a new post type called “Events”. Just add one of those, you can leave everything except for the title blank if you like. The only other thing you need to do on the creation page is to add a ticket.


    There is a WordPress dialog titled “tickets”.. Add a ticket there setting the options as per the attached screenshot, the important thing is “Attendee Information” that is the option that generates those boxes.


    Once it is all set up then save the event and you can access it at the below URL:



    That will take you to the page where the problem occurs.


    I did a bit more playing, it works on 2017 but they use the standard spin buttons inside the input element. Jevelin has icons used for the spin buttons so maybe it’s worth starting there.. I tried a few CSS rules to bring the internal spin buttons back but couldn’t figure it out.


    Thanks again.

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    Thank you for explaining it.


    We are troubleshooting it on the test site and will update your here ASAP.

    @bkitching Did you ever get this resolved? I’d like to purchase the Event Tickets plus and Calendar Plus plugins for my site built on Jevelin but now I am concerned it wont work. Is your site live yet ? Did you find any solutions?

    I haven’t solved it yet, there was an update to Jevelin recently but it doesn’t appear to have solved the issue so I guess we are still waiting for Shufflehound to update.


    Would be good if they could update us.


    I have solved it on my site by just hiding the ticket plus minus buttons, that’s better than them not working but not ideal.


    In general the Modern Tribe plugins work well, it’s only a very specific issue that happens if you need to collect extra info such as name and address or anything else from attendees. Everything else to do with the plugins works fine and I am able to sell tickets on the site. The extra info fields not working is an annoyance that I hope Shufflehound will fix as my workaround isn’t very user friendly for buyers but if you aren’t planning on using that functionality it will be fine.

    Thank you for your patience here.


    We’ll troubleshoot and resolve the issue in the future version of theme. In the meanwhile you have to use workaround as suggested by @bkitching in the above reply.

    @bkitching Do you have any live version of the plug-in in action that I could look at online? I have a customer without much cash, and I’d like to make sure its the best solution before purchasing. We have already purchased Jevelin.

    Unfortunately our site using Jevelin and the Modern Tribe plugins is still under private development so I can’t share it.


    If it is of help then we have the modern tribe plugins active on this site but it is a basic implementation with one ticket type and no extra info being collected from customers. It also doesn’t use Jevelin. It might give you an idea of how the plugin feels though.


    Solution for this topic

    We have resolved this issue in the following latest theme version by adding an option to disable Jevelin quantity button JS functionality (under Theme Settings > WooCommerce) as shown in the attached screenshots which should fix this issue.

    Please login to access this file

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    Thanks for sorting this out.


    I can confirm that everything is working fine now on Jevelin 2.7.2 with the quantity buttons disabled.


    Thanks once again.

    You are most welcome here 🙂

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