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  • Hi Shufflehound Team,


    I deleted all pages that the demo content had except one of the home layouts and blog main page, but now I can’t set a static page and blog page default. The option becomes available when I create a new page called “Home,” but I would have to add all the elements from the home page layout to this new page. How can I avoid having to recreate the whole layout on a new page and still set it as my Static/Home page?


    This is my website:



    Jonathan W.

    Hi Jonathan,


    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.


    I visited your shared site and the home page of your site displays blog page which is dynamic page and not static page that displays post listings so i am not sure what you are referring.


    If you share some screenshots and specific page URLs from your site then i can better understand it and help you.


    Best regards,
    Shufflehound team

    Attached are the screenshots of the pages I have published and the difference it makes on enabling the option of setting a static home page.


    I would like to make the Home page in screenshot “Pages 1” the home page as it has the demo content of “home basic” for the jevelin theme, the problem is that it doesn’t allow me to select it as a home page. Only once I create a new “home” page does it allow me to select it, but I would be losing all the layout you guys already created. How can I set the static home page I want?


    I would also like for my logo to redirect to the home page once clicked, would this also get fixed once I set the right static home page?




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    It is working fine on my test site.


    You may be confusing because of the two home pages created on your site as shown in your shared screenshot so please try deleting duplicate home page.


    If it doesn’t help for you then would you mind if i log in to your site and do some troubleshooting? If this is ok then could you please share me your site log in details privately by adding them in the box having text “Click here to share private content. Only you and forum moderators will bee able see it.”?

    Any update on this? I sent the info privately

    Hi Shufflehound Team,


    Since it wasn’t working I decided to reinstall the demo content but now when I try to edit an Icon on the home page I can’t because the content editor is stuck in text and I won’t let me edit it or go back to visual. I’ve tried editing this in different browsers. How can I solve this? Please help. I just want to build my site 🙁 Thank you in advance!




    I actually figured it out, I’m pretty sure! Thank you.


    But now I have this question, how can I organize posts by ID (select the posts that appear on my footer or first in my blog.) I’m not trying to arrange them by date or author, but by the ones I believe are most relevant and I’m trying to rank for. Thank you in advance and for all the help thus far!




    Awesome great to see you got that figured out.


    You can display the post first in your blog by making it as sticky post as described on the following page.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)