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  • That’s exellent, thank you very much.


    in reply to: Minor Portfolio Tweaks

    Response from the web host below – is there anything else in WordPress which could be stopping the script?



    Thanks for the details. I have been able to replicate this and it does appear to time out after 29 seconds. However I have created a simple test page to test the execution time at This
    simply sleeps for 40 seconds and prints out some text which is successful.

    This shows that something within the application is reducing the max_execution_time to 29 seconds.

    in reply to: Portfolio Install

    I have tried all of these solutions, but they don’t work. Even though the execution time has been set to 120 on the server, plus I installed the plugin from your link above, but the error is the same. I have asked the host what else could be forcing the 29 second error.

    in reply to: Portfolio Install
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)