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  • Thanks again


    As always, thanks again for getting back to me. I think its probably best if I start again because I have made some mistakes and learned a few things, so I will rephrase the questions

    While using Jevelin I have been experimenting with colors layouts, different color backgrounds, and different color text for pages and for posts. For some its dark text on a white background, for some its white text on a dark background. Making sure it works for things like search results and viewing posts by tags (i.e I don’t want white writing on a white background).

    As we experimented we used multiple methods to get the results this included:

    • Manually editing a  single page/post with Yellow Pencil
    • Editing a page/post with Yellow Pencil and then applying it to template
    • Editing the template in theme settings
    • Updating text colours in the editor
    • Updating colour in WPBakery
    • Updating the CSS via adding in code

    For this reason, its harder to work with (entirely my fault)


    What I would like to do it remove all of the updates to all of the templates, rest it/strip it back and just do one set via the theme settings.

    How do I do that?








    Thanks – but this only happening on some pages, e.g in the links below its not showing this.

    This appears as though something else has priority -but I don’t understand what

    Hi- I tried that and that didn’t seem to work either.  I have tried putting in CSS code for all sorts of things – to test it out – and nothing seems to have any impact


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    Thanks – I don’t see a big difference when I browse on my phone (an Android)  – other than the menu changing. But when I view the pages at “/amp” manually it does look different – do I need to do anything to force a redirect for mobiles?


    Thanks again for the amazing, and fast, responses

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    Thanks- I will start working through this list and go from there



    I have now added it back in again and I haven’t seen any changes.  I have also ran a CSS validator check at w3.org and it reports 70+ errors in the CSS – even in a simple post with just text and picture, is that normal?







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    Hi – I took it out, as it wasn’t working , it didn’t show anything. I also “reset” all the options in the themes to see if that fixed it. I will add it back in now and see what happens.





    Thanks for the response and sorry for my later reply, however, when I put CSS code in that location nothing happens. I mention this above, I have tried putting in different CSS codes into this space and none of them show any impact.

    Thanks for the incredibly quick response.

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    This has now been resolved by staring with wiping everything clean, updating PHP, reinstalling WP and reinstalling the template

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)