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  • For anyone else with this issue who does not want to use a plugin I have managed to do this by resetting the styles and substituting  them with my own.


    function my_mce_before_init_insert_formats( $init_array ) {function my_mce_before_init_insert_formats( $init_array ) { 
    // reset gillion style formats 
    ... //rest of code as pre


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    That is working perfectly now. Thank you!

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    This is just not working for me at all. I keep getting HTTP 500 errors all the time & have to reupload the functions.php file again through FTP to get back to normal again.

    Can you please paste the entire code I need to be putting in to the functions.php file please just in case there is something I’m doing wrong that is making it go wrong all the time.

    I think this is a very simple feature that should be added in to the theme really at the next update.


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    That works perfectly! Thank you so much!

    Thanks! Managed to get it working with a bit of alteration to the original graphic & getting rid of box shadows etc.


    On mobile it’s gone a little weird though (see screen grab). It seems fine on iPad, just on iPhone it’s being cut off.

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    Is it easy to make the menu sticky though? My client has requested it. I tried to do this using a plugin & it didn’t seem to want to work.

    I seem to be getting this effect (see screengrab) when I pop this code in. It still seems to be keeping the original submit button & just overlaying the button graphic on top.

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    That is working great now, thanks! Is there any way of adding an image as the Sign Up button?

    Thank you! That is working perfectly now.

    Just noticed a bit of strange formatting happening when you enter your email address & hit Sign Up – when the thank you message displays, the Sign Up button pops down (see screengrab attached). I’ve popped the sign up box in to a div with a max-width now to make it all smaller & not full width, but even if i take it out of this div tag to make it full width again, it’s still doing weird things (Sign Up button moving down) when you submit your email address. Any idea why?

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    This is looking much better now, thanks! And thanks for the extra code to create the box-shadow underneath the menu, you are a star!


    It does appear that the current page item (Blog) is showing up as white or transparent though until you scroll down a little & then it shows up & becomes purple. Is there anyway of adapting the code above to make sure the current page item is purple before the sticky header kicks in when you scroll? Thanks!

    That has worked perfectly, thankyou!

    I’ve managed to get the website working on the iPad, but only by assigning a static page (with Blog template) as the front page & making the blog layout Grid – this makes the posts show up on the iPad. Which is a shame as I liked the Masonry layout.

    However now I have an issue with the nav menu overlapping the blog posts & not appearing until you scroll down the page slightly. Is there any CSS to correct this? (adding more padding to the top of the Grid blog layout?)

    Thanks in advance!

    Ok, I’ve been through lots of options & I’m afraid to say it isn’t working still. And also the Masonry style blogs on your demo site are also not working on the iPad either (eg. the blog posts on the Clean & Card Style demos are showing up blank – I’ve attached a picture to show you what I’m seeing on the Clean demo).

    Basically I have –

    • Installed 1.2.2 (still no change on iPad)
    • Installed the demo (still no change on iPad)
    • Deactivated all plugins (still no change on iPad)
    • Deleted out all of my custom CSS (still no change on iPad)
    • Tried both Chrome & Safari on iPad

    The blog posts are still showing up blank no matter what I do! I’ve tried to change the style of blog (from Masonry to Grid etc) & it doesn’t seem to make any difference at all to the page view on Desktop or show up the posts on iPad.

    Feeling like I’m banging my head against a wall! Really need to get this blog working on iPad, otherwise I will need to purchase another theme & start again!

    Strangely though it works perfectly on iPhone!

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    Thank you so much!

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    Your demo theme seems to be working absolutely fine on my iPad. I’ll install 1.2.2 & see what happens then & then I’ll start deactivating plugins etc. I cannot think what I may have done to stop it from working!

    Forgot to mention – my iPad has been updated to the latest iOS – but it wasn’t working before the update or after.

    Forgot to mention – it would also be great to get rid of the white line next to the menu title too.


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    Solution for this topic

    That CSS code worked perfectly, many thanks!


    And in case anyone else needs to add in image links to the nav bar – I’ve used a great little plugin called Menu Image which (so far!) seems to do the trick & is incredibly easy to use.


    Thanks for the CSS code, I’ve managed to get a background image working in the footer perfectly now.

    I’ve also managed to create an extra widget area (making it 4 in total) so I can now have 3 custom menus showing in the footer.

    I was just wondering how I can get rid of the bullet points next to the menu items & get them lined up with the menu title & also make the menu title bold? I cannot seem to find reference to these in the CSS file.

    The URL to see site so far is –

    Many thanks in advance!

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