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  • Hello!

    I still have problem with full screen slider / section / header and didnot get any response from forum question.


    As I see the problem is full screen section.



    It very urgent cos we lunching website tomorrow! Thanks!



    Here is a link


    Idea is very simple – I need to make header responsible and full screen. I was workmen before with Visual Composer and there you can just set Raw to full screen and then Slider Revolution to full screen that’s all – easy and fast. BUT in your page builder there is no such an option and section is not possible to set to full screen and make it responsive. Also, if I ma adding slider to section – even with all proper setting of full screen slider – I could not get result. Same with Background of the section.


    SO now I am using some padding to make picture visible BUT it’s not full screen either and not responsive. So, quite a lot of problem to make very basic setting.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)