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  • Hi,


    How can I activate the Masonary Standard design for the blog which has a flat design ? As shown in the ‘creative’ demo ?

    Hi there,


    If you want to create a blog page it is very simple:

    1. Create a new page
    2. Change page Template to Blog (in the right side of your edit page)
    3. Set Page Layout to Sidebar Right (in the bottom of your edit page)
    4. If you need, change the blog layout from Blog tab (in the bottom of your edit page)


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team

    Thanks for the prompt reply!


    Is there a way to apply the masonary standard design to the home page and show all my blog posts ?
    At the moment when I apply it to the blog page, it works as desired. I can then choose the blog as the static front page. However, when I click a different page number below the blog posts, it changes the template slightly and does not go to the page number that I clicked.

    Update : On clicking the page numbers below, it now takes me to the 404 page

    404 page issue is common WordPress issue, to fix it you can follow this:


    Let us know if this fixes your issue.

    This fixes the 404 page error but the same posts are loaded when different page numbers are chosen. In other words, the url shows the same posts as or page 1

    This looks like a bug, we will test this in our servers and we will work on fix for this issue.

    What’s the ETA on that? Or prior blog posts are inaccessible to users due to this.


    If we change to another theme temporarily, will we lose all the customizations done on jevelin ?

    Please test our latest beta version and let us know if the issue if fixed. 🙂


    Please login to access this file

    Thanks for the prompt fix. Will installing this override the customizations I’ve done ? (All the customizations are done through ‘dashboard -> appearance’ using the jevelin interface)

    No, you will be just fine if you just delete it and upload it back.

    Also you can use plugin Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades, which allows to upload file and update to latest version.

    Done. It fixes the bug.


    Thanks for the support.

    You’re Welcome. 🙂

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)