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  • Apologies if this is a dumb question but I’m an enthusiastic novice at setting up these theme based sites !

    I purchased this theme because I loved the CARD STYLE demo on the theme website and wanted to recreate it for my business. Having set up the theme on my WordPress installation, I’m now totally clueless as to how to start building with that style.

    I’ve seen some downloadable styles within Theme Settings but I don’t see the one I want.

    Can you help ?

    Okay ….. so it is hidden in BASIC !


    You can ignore my post now !

    Spoke too soon !

    Have imported the BASIC data but how do I import or set up the layout for the displayed CARD (home-6) style from the main website ?

    Hi @Paul33,


    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.


    After importing basic demo content you will get home6 page created in your site pages section that displays card style layout.


    You can use this page to display card style layout on your site home page by setting this page as static front page in your site Reading Settings.


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team

    Will take a look ….. thank you.

    Okay so got that setup so thank you for your help.

    I have two more questions – one simple and one most definitely not but hey, you have to ask!

    The easy one …… how do I set up a background image behind the front page elements as per the lighthouse image in the preview ? I can’t find any option to set that up in the Theme Options pages.

    Now the tough one. My absolute ideal is to have the Masonry Card front page set up BUT for static pages rather than blog posts. My current website is based around static pages and I would love those individual front page “cards” to link to those pages rather than posts which I prefer not to use. Is that possible ?

    If it isn’t then, okay, I can simply translate my current pages to posts and then edit the post dates in order to force them into the right places on the static home page. If I do that, is there a way (css code ?) to disable everything below the front page cards (ie: Author, comments, read) and, if I choose to, to disable the category above the card title ?

    Any help appreciated.

    To help us keep support thread separates could you please create new thread for each of your other questions instead of asking them in your single thread as it makes the thread messy and hard to read.


    If you want to you can also add reference of this thread in your newly created thread.


    We would be more than happy to help you on your new thread.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)