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    I would like to customize category pages. There is text section, and then products on this categories. We put little bit long text there for SEO purpose. So, products are quite down on the page. So, we would like to move this text after woocommerce products list.

    Example link is here:

    Also you can see it on attached screenshot. I know you don’t offer customization service. I am just asking which file I need to edit. So, if you can direct me to correct file, highly appreciated.


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    Solution for this topic

    Hi there,


    We can understand that, so we found a topic regarding to this functionality, which you can visit here –


    Let us know if that fixed your issue.


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team


    Hello, thanks for super fast reply and advise.

    I have tried all suggestions on this link, but seems didn’t really work. I have emptied the cache in case it causes problem, still didn’t work.

    I thought it is a page under your theme development, not woocommerce. If it is woocommerce, without your customization, I will try to search for more on internet.


    Did you also tried some of those PHP code snippets?


    Hello again;

    Yes I have tried these codes also. It didn’t work yesterday. yesterday I have added these codes within “child theme”, not original theme functions.php . And as I said, it didn’t work.

    Today I give a try on jevelin theme functions.php and it works. After each theme update I need to re-add this code, but at least it worked in this way.

    Thanks again for directing to right source. Really appreciated.

    Have a great day

    Nice to hear that finally we found a solution. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)