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  • Hi there,

    We’ve been using your theme fo a while and now we’d like to implement a few custom changes which are beyond the scope of theme maintenance. We were curious if you could help us with the following…

    General Tasks:
    1) Implement FAQ Schema for Google Search and have Google show it.
    2) Replace current Contact form (plugin by Supsystic) in Revolution Slider with Contact Form 7 (however we wish to maintain the transparent background as it appears currently, same field positioning and retain Google Maps API in the two fields for origin and destination).
    3) Ensure all parallax motion/animation is smooth.

    Additional Quirks that need Tweaks:

    Desktop Version:
    1) Home page (with revolution slider and contact form) is cut off from the bottom when opened in Google Chrome.
    2) Video o the landing page takes forever to load & flickers on load as well as between loops.
    3) Image background in ‘What We Offer’ sometimes struggles to adjust to screen real estate (it sometimes tiles/duplicates itself and other times appears to rotate). We’d like a smooth parallax without tiling.
    4) ‘Our Reviews’ section tends to flicker every so often.
    5) Blog images, in ‘Shipping Blog’ do not always load.
    7) When clicking through menu items, page-roll animation appears jerky.

    Mobile Version:
    1) Too much space above and below the white, front facing, truck
    2) In the ‘Why Choose Yellowfin?’ section, a graphic element (a yellow dot) moves over the header banner, when scrolling, rather than underneath it.
    3) Background image behind ‘What We Offer’ is not responsive in the mobile version. It appears extremely zoomed-in and has lost the parallax motion.
    4) Similar problem with the background image in the ‘Prepping Your Vehicle’ section.
    5) In ‘Our reviews’ the reviews are not all arranged one after the other vertically, some are hidden from view as they have horizontal placement.
    6) When you open a blog page, the menu banner is white in color and should be corporate blue as it appears on the home page.
    7) On the Contact page, the collapsed menu icon is grey and should be white.

    Please let us know if you’re interested and inform us of the estimated cost.

    Many thanks,




    Yes, we offer custom theme modifications.

    We would like to continue the communication via our email –
    Can you email us the link of your website, the deadline for this project, as well as the available budget?


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)