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  • My theme has reset itsself to default settings twice now.. any ideas of why this would be happening?

    Hi there,


    Sorry to hear that.

    What exactly reseted to default and does it happened after theme updates?


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team

    yes it seems that it happened after changing a couple of things in the style settings in the theme. basically from what i can see the menu colors all revereted back to stock and the theme photo in the footer copywrite info etc. I had to do a db restore to fix it ..both times


    We are inspecting this issue, but at the moment we can’t replicate this issue and we need more information about this issue. Can you give us your website login data so we can take a look?


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team



    I’m having the exact same problem. It makes the theme really hard to use at this point, especially since it does not seem like there is a built-in settings back up function.

    To reproduce:

    • Change theme settings to something different than default.
    • Go to Appearance/Menus
    • At the top, click Manage with Live Preview
    • Make any change to the menu
    • Save and publish
    • Refresh the page, all custom theme settings are gone…

    Hi there,


    Sorry to hear this.

    Our theme has backup option built-in under Tools > Backup, which you can use till this issue is resolved.


    We will test your steps to reproduce this issue and update this topic for any news.


    Update: This looks like a plugin related issue, we are now working to fix it.


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team

    Please download and test our latest beta version bellow.

    After updating theme please go to the theme settings or customize (depending on which of them you used last) and press save.

    Please login to access this file

    Let us know if the issue if fixed.

    I cannot tell as now, when I go to Live preview, I get:

    <b>ip address</b> redirected you too many times.

    Can you give us your website access date so we can take a look (our email can be found in the bottom of the page)? Because at the moment it is working fine for us.



    I had tried to install a copy of the theme which seems to cause the problem. I tried uploading your new files and replace all files in place and it seems to address the issue.



    We are glad, that this issue is fixed. 🙂

    Which files/ folders do I need to overwrite for this fix to work. I dont want to overwrite all of it as I made a few changes to the footer and css etc.

    @eclipseyou Please note you are making changes in the theme files therefore you have to make these changes again after theme updation as changes made in the theme files get lost on theme updation so it is always recommended to make change using child theme instead of in the theme files itself.

    You can use the following child theme for it

    Can you just tell me what files changed with this update to fix the save issue? I really do not feel like redoing all of my changes again. I doubt much changed in the header.php file etc.

    You can try to replace only framework-customizations and inc folders.

    But it is not tested.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)