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  • Hello shufflehound

    Just want to ask if there’s any option available in your theme to divide posts across multiple pages or i need a plugin functionality for that. Does the breadcrumbs support that ?

    Hah that was awesome. Can you point me to your theme home pagination styling classes. I want a similar effect on the post pagination too.

    I had the basic demo content installed.

    It’s .sh-page-links class that is doing all the work here i think ?

    You can see the theme pagination classes in the attached screenshot.

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    I already tried that but that’s not the problem i think. It’s related to the gillion pagination() function that is being executed on the home pages. It is not working for static pages.

    But for the static blog page, wp_link_pages() from post_templates.php from official repository is getting executed. I provided arguments by writing custom function  but not getting the same result.

    Why is gillion_pagination() not working for static pages ? It already got config for get_query_var(‘page’). But it’s not working for it. Is it designed that way ?

    Even custom function is not working for it.

    The two are totally different things and you have to develop custom CSS code to style them same.


    Could you please share me the page URL from your site where it is displaying so that i can help you to style them?

    Here Im late again. Got involved in something.

    Im sharing the url of a sample page.

    You can style it by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS code option of your theme on the below path.


    Admin Area -> Appearance -> Theme Settings -> Custom Code -> CSS Code


    .sh-page-links {
        display: table;
        margin: 0;
        list-style: none;
        border-radius: 30px;
        border-width: 0px;
        margin-top: 10px;
        padding-left: 0px;
    .sh-page-links a {
         display: inline-block;
         width: 34px;
         height: 34px;
         line-height: 34px;
         font-weight: bold;
         cursor: pointer;
         padding: 0;
         text-transform: uppercase;
         margin: 10px 10px 0 0;
         color: #fff;
         background-color: #d79c74;
         border-radius: 30px;
         text-align: center;
Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)