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  • Hey,


    I’m having another problem with links, this time in the portfolio gallery. The link icon appears to be clickable, but it’s not taking me anywhere when I click on it, not even the portfolio page itself. I’d like it to take me to a custom page ultimately, but the first fix will be getting the portfolio item to be clickable. The same thing is happening with blog posts, the overlay shows up but when I click, it does nothing.




    Further to the portfolio links, when I’m working within my website after a few minutes I can’t seem to click on anything – not even the WordPress menu – from any of the pages I’m working on. Is this a bug or a glitch? I’ve deactivated/removed a number of plugins to troubleshoot this. I can’t even click on the logo to take me to the home page.


    If there’s any fix to this that would be awesome, this issue is extremely important.


    Hi there,


    Sorry to hear that.

    Can you please post a screenshot with links that can’t be clicked? We just tested your site and we can’t find this issue.


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team



    Sure – sorry the page changed around a bit yesterday so it was missing for a few hours.


    So I have a section that I’m using a portfolio module for, however I want to be able to link each item from the portfolio to an external page instead of a portfolio page. How do I set that up?

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    At the moment that kind of feature isn’t available, but we could try to implement it.


    To be clear, you need one more option where you can enter custom URL where portfolio page will be redirected?

    Precisely. Thanks! Hope this makes it into the next version then!

    We will try to add this feature and update this thread for any news. 🙂

    Next theme version could be available next week.

    We have added this feature in the latest released theme version so please update your theme to use it.

    This is great news! Thank you!

    You are most welcome here 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)