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    Your support team updated my theme to the latest version because of problems I was having. Although, I don’t think the problems were due to not having the latest version of the theme. Since the update, when the site loads in google (on desktop and mobile), before the site loads, a strange font appears before my font appears. It looks bad, like an amateur site. My site is about to get ads put on it and user experience is important.

    I had no problem with this even two days ago. My font must load immediately. I’ve added my login details for the problem to be solved. Thank you.


    Hi @14728833,


    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.


    Could you please share your site URL where it’s happening so that I can troubleshoot it?


    Best regards,
    Shufflehound team

    I believe it’s called flash of unstyled content, FOUC. It didn’t do this before your support department updated my theme and fiddled with my header image a few days ago. In Chrome and IE, the h1 text on top of the main image on the home page and all the blog post headings flash an unstyled text, almost looks like sans serif, before Poppins, my font loads. The unstyled text sits on the page for about 3 seconds before Poppins loads when you browse to my site. Everyone says it looks terrible. It’s messing with my user experience. I had your support fix my image on my home page, which started having problems a few days ago, and since then I’ve had problem after problem. Please log in and fix the FOUC issue. It seems to work better in Firefox, but the unstyled text shows in Chrome and IE when you browse to the Home page or go to any page on my site from Google’s search results page. It looks messy. FYI: apart from this ticket, I have another ticket open. As the Home page loads, a horrible dark grey background shows before the main image loads. I had none of these problems until Shufflehound support logged in to fix yet another problem I had with the image a few days ago. See login details below to fix the problem, please.

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    This is happening because the font file is taking time to load.


    You can use any of the below cache plugins on your website so that the font file will load fast.




    Also, you can improve your site performance as described in the following pages.






    Hi there, the font wasn’t doing this before your support team updated the theme. I’m going to buy WP Rocket this week, and I hope the problem goes away.

    It is answered in the below reply why this is happening now.




    Let’s see how the WP Rocket cache works.

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