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  • RafaelS117

    Hi there!


    I have just 3 things i canot translate with the loco translate plugin.


    This is the website (i’m starting with this one yet):


    First one (this “all”) from the homepage: 


    Second one: (this *min read)ção-3-min-read.png


    I will have to put something like “leitura de 3 min”


    And finally, this:ção-show-all.png


    I just need for you to show me where i can translate this tree things in the theme.




    I also can’t translate the “Search Here” text with TranslatePress. Everything else went fine, but the “Search here” placeholder just doesnt change.

    Hi There,


    I hope you are well today and thank you for your questions.


    Some texts are created by Unyson plugin and other plugins used on your site and not by the theme so you can translate them using any of the following plugins.



    Best regards,
    Shufflehound team


    Again, please, can you show-me where i can modify the text in this 3 specific things? I want to modify via cPanel editing the files directly.


    And is very bad that the theme do not have some native options in the “Theme Pannel” for we to translate, other themes like “Newspapper” have this feature…


    Can’t do this 3 translations with this plugins.



    Solution for this topic

    The theme is translation ready but we can’t provide options to translate each of the theme text as this will make theme options bulky and is not feasible. The standard WordPress practice to translate the theme is as described in the below pages.



    As requested the sources of those three texts are as follows.


    Show All => /gillion/inc/static.php on line number 231
    min read => /gillion/inc/helpers_blog.php on line number 150

    All => /gillion/inc/elements/blog-posts-categories.php on line number  332


    Thank you very very much! Now the website is ready, and i will leave the credits in the footer!


    Just a correction, the “All” translation was in the line 192.


    I have other websites, with other themes, but this one is pure ART. Fited like a glove for my preferences!


    And finnaly i will just sugest to add some smart sitcky header functionality that do not stick when users scrolls down, but stick when go up.


    That is it! Thank you!


    Thank you for your valuable feedback.


    You are most welcome here 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)