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  • Hi All,


    I have only one problem. Pagination not working on my shop main page. But in category page is perfect. And if set WordPress/Settings/permalinks to http://mypage/?p=123 format, already working on shop main page too.

    That is my shop main page:


    (I am hide pagination with css: display:none)


    Example my problem:

    Not show my products


    But so working:



    On my test page turned off any wordpress plugin…


    Thank you for your help!


    Hi there,


    Can you please test if in english WordPress version pagination is working fine?


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team

    Thank You for quick answer!

    I was changed WordPress language to english, but error is still present 🙁

    At the moment it was our only guess, which could cause it.

    Would you mind if I log in to your site and do some troubleshooting? If this is ok then could you please share me your site log in details privately by adding them in the box having text “Click here to share private content. Only you and forum moderators will bee able see it.”?

    Of course, no problem.
    I made a full copy of the live website.
    It is equal with the live website. You can do anything on it, you can not cause any harm.

    Thanks for the help in advance.


    Maintenence mode is active only for users (and bots). Admin can login.

    This is a shop page main page:


    Example for error:



    Any category already working pagination:




    Can you please help us to disable all plugins except Unyson / WooCommerce and maybe maintenance mode? We tried to disable WooCommerce Booking, but all pages gone blank, which shouldn’t happen as it isn’t related to our theme.

    Of course. The “woocommerce-booking” is mine custom plugin.
    (header.php call some plugin functions, therefore black page after disable…

    i solved that.)

    This plugin is disabled, no more blank page,  and turned off maintenence mode.

    Thank you for your help.


    We just tested it with default WordPress templates and this issue persists also there.

    Therefore it isn’t theme related issue, but still strange issue and hard to find the cause.

    Thank you for checking.
    I suspect Woocommerce mistake, I switched to jevelin at one time and updated woocommerce.

    As soon as I find out what causes it then I’ll write it.


    Thank you again.

    Thank you, then we will leave this ticket open.

    Solution for this topic

    Problem solved 🙂


    I did not find a source of a problem, but the solution was yes…

    I deleted the store main page and then I created a new one with Woocommerce/status/tools/Create default woocommerce pages.


    If was create new page manually and change database wp_options/ woocommerce_shop_page_id = “newpageid”, then this issue persists also there. But if the tool modifies it, everything works:



    Final step, change slug to old one, and done


    Maybe a bad registry entry could have caused the problem.

    Great! Thank you for sharing a solution for this issue, we will mark it as solution for this topic. 🙂

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)