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  • Hey there,

    Thanks a lot for providing this theme and such a great support forum – helped me a lot until now just by searching for topics.

    but here comes some trouble i wont get sorted out.
    since we are using picasa/google photos for our projects and its easy to maintain for the photographer, it was the task to embed it again to the new site.

    so i bought this great picasa plugin from a third party developer named chesirewebsolutions.com
    >>> http://wordpress-plugin-google-photos.cheshirewebsolutions.com/display-albums-grid/

    everythings great with this beside this sticky header issue. while loading any gallery site the justified gallery is there – thats fine but if you scroll you will notice that, the header wont be in front as it is supposed to be. while trying out and trying harder out … i just learned that if i change z-index settings of the whole element the header will be sticky but is also sticky if the lightbox appears – thats not awesome.

    so its like i need to tell how the header shall behave in gallery view and while lightbox appears – or the other way around the gallery view needs a lower z-index and the lightbox a higher one?


    hope i discribed my trouble got enough and someone can help me 🙂
    thanks in advance


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    Hi there,


    Thank you for your issue specifics. 🙂

    Can you please give us a link to your website, so we can take a look? (you can post it in private field)


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi Shufflehound team,</p>

    Here we go:


    galleries overview: http://bikepoint.de/wordpress/schmuckstuecke/


    One of the galleries: http://bikepoint.de/wordpress/images/?cws_album=6506172149448078289&cws_album_title=Salsa%20Fargo%20Titan


    Thanks in advance




    Please try this CSS snippet bellow and please let us know if it is working (you can place it here – Admin Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Settings -> Custom Code -> CSS Code).

    header.primary-desktop, .sh-sticky-header {
        z-index: 99!important;
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    Hi moderator 🙂

    Thanks for your help. unfortunately i already tried this before.
    lightbox behavior is like it is supposed to be, but while scrolling through the gallery the header disappears under the images.

    have a look? http://bikepoint.de/wordpress/images/?cws_album=6508340509200070385&cws_album_title=Genesis%20Croix%20de%20Fer%20Ti


    you may need the login credentials?


    Hi there,


    Sorry,  after some troubleshooting  we just couldn’t get this working. Either
    header is on the top or bellow content.


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)