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    After you submit the form there, you’ll see the success message in green.

    Great with the theme update and deactivating a few plugins, it now works! How can I edit the color of the success message and center it? It’s left justified currently. Thank you!

    When my user submits your form on my site, there are no errors displayed, no success message, nothing. The form seems to not work. I, on the other hand, receive the email notification that the user completed the form, just fine. I would just like your form to work for my users. I do not understand why you would build a form and sell it with your theme (a main reason I purchased the theme), but then NOT address the issues with the form and suggest using another form builder is the answer. Why even include the form and landing page template at all? It’s misleading to buyers.

    Additionally, you provide options in your form to deliver success and error messages to the end user, but as the original commenter stated, these do not work when the user submits the form. Your form is beautiful, it is just missing some key functionality. Can it be fixed in a theme update?

    Yes, but I want it to look like your form. When I add the shortcode for the Contact 7 form in the page, it looks terrible in comparison (text fields stacked on top of one another) and is not styled like your form in the Landing Page template. Is there any way to integrate Contact 7 with your existing form?

    Yes, but how do we connect the contact plugin to the form you’ve coded in the Landing Page template? And how to connect it to Mailchimp?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)