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  • The navigation used for the Corporate template breaks if the homepage is left via link, to say a project page. Even if absolute links are used instead of just hashtag ID, site won’t navigate back.


    Start at:
    Scroll to Gallery:
    Select one:
    Cannot use main nav to go back to gallery: (should be


    In the demo site, only IDs are used in the menu, so it can’t function. But even changing menu links to absolute links does not fix the issue. Home works fine, but something with the hashtag links breaks it.


    Also, breadcrumbs in titlebar step from Home > Projects > xxxx. Projects is a link, but doesn’t appear to be anything that is editable or has content. Obvious solution is to not use titlebar, but is there another solution?

    Hi there,


    This is a known issue and we are working on it to fix it in the next update.


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound Team

    Thanks. Any estimate as to when that update might roll out?



    Sorry for late response.

    We are working on new Jevelin version which should roll out in next week.


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound Team

    Looks like new update (2.0.0) fixed navigational issues. It seems to have broken modal boxes that were working prior to update. Any ideas on how to accomplish a button linking to a modal?

    Hi there,


    Nice to hear that navigation issue is finally fixed.

    Can give us more information what exactly did you mean with modal boxes?


    You can try to use this function as backup – #goto-aboutus

    Sorry. I mean something like this. Or using a plugin such as this.

    What was working was to have forms made with Ninja Forms, shortcode inserted in popups with Popup Maker, anchor link on button element.

    Thank you.

    We will test this and try to come up with a solution (hopefully tomorrow).


    any luck with fix on this?

    At the moment we managed to fix your issue, but other related issue started, therefore we are still working on this. Hopefully tomorrow with other navigation issue we will fix this.

    Appreciate the hard work. I’ve got some other misc. bugs/issues I was collecting. Nothing major, but would be nice if they can be resolved.


    -Page loader would break if tel or mailto protocol were used in a link. V2 seems I can’t get page loader to work at all after upgrade. Could be something I’ve done.

    -Any way to get clickable links in the top bar? IE using tel or mailto protocol.

    -Can sidebar be removed in portfolio single project view? I can get it down to only display Categories, but this link leads to a page with error “Warning: Invalid option: fw-portfolio in /home/hample2016ins/public_html/dev/wp-content/plugins/unyson/framework/helpers/general.php on line 929”

    -I managed to add a custom button to the accordion element, but the ‘a’ tag is removed if you save and return in page builder. So, it works, but if I need to edit it for any reason I have to redo the a href tag.

    -web kit animations flicker at finish. I’ve read some thing about it, but can’t seem to implement a fix.


    site is currently live, so you see issues if needed

    Looks like we have a fix for your previous issue, please write us a email (to support at shufflehound com) and we will send you a beta version.


    Thank you for submitting these issue, we will take a look.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)