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  • Hello,

    Shufflehound team here.


    We have great news! Finally we are releasing Gillion update (3.7.0) with Redux framework beta integration. Which have been in development for a while now. We are moving towards Redux framework due to the end of Unyson framework development and the many bugs that the framework caused.


    Redux Framework benefits over Unyson framework (current)

    1. Faster performance in most cases
    2. One of the best community supports
    3. Frequent updates


    Integration now is in a beta stage and it is possible to switch to Redux Framework in WordPress admin dashboard under “Gillion > Unyson to Redux”.

    At the moment only the mega menu options haven’t been ported to the new framework. Other options should work fine, but it is possible that there will be some bugs, due to many changes we have done to achieve this. We are now planing to release a few bugfix updates and then switch from optional to the main Gillion framework.


    Let us know if you have encountered any bugs or features that doesn’t work in the new framework.


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound team


    When trying to update from Unyson to Redux I get the message ‘Please enable Redux Framework plugin before starting migration’ with a link to Design/Install Plugins but the Redux Framework is not listed as a plugin to install. What to do?

    @Lina Thank you for reporting the issue.


    We have fixed the issue in the latest released Gillion theme version 3.7.2 and it is available as shown in the attached screenshot.


    You can also download and install the plugin from the below page.


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    When i click Gillion > Unyson to Redux

    i get this

    <div id=”kpm-root” class=”kpm_LTR notranslate” translate=”no”></div>

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    @thimiost The error is not in English so is not readable.


    Could you please copy and paste the error text here so that I can translate it?


    Please make sure that you have enabled the below plugin on your website.



    Here’s the english version. I get this when I click the “Unyson to Redux” link.

    I have redux framework installed and activated

    Also attached another screenshot with WP_Debug true

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    @kmga I have notified the issue to the theme developer so that it will be fixed.


    The issue will be fixed ASAP.

    The issue is fixed in the below latest version of the theme so please update the theme as described here


    Please login to access this file

    When will this be released out of Beta mode?

    It is already released.

    For testing purposes (and because I was curious) I disabled the Unyson plugin and it fairly substantially broke the layout of the site. Will the switch to Redux be seamless or will we need to make page edits to fix layout issues?  Thanks

    @savethecat You have to first upgrade to redux on the below path before deactivating the Unyson plugin.


    Admin Area -> Gillion -> Framework Upgrade


    Please first take a backup of your website before doing upgradation.

    So we made the switch to Redux and all looks well. I am curious however as to why, in the plugin installation page it lists Elementor as “required”. Why, when we already have WP Bakery? Needless to say, I havent installed it as nothing appears broken and we’re doing just fine with WP Bakery.

    We have some demo content created using Elementor therefore it is listed as required but If you are not using it then just ignore the message.



    I understood we’re not gonna use “Unyson” anymore.
    There was an interesting possibility with “Unyson” to make scheduled backups every day or week (complete or just content).
    Will this function still be possible without “unyson”?

    Many tanks


    Hi! I’ve just bought Gillion template, and Unyson is listed as a required plugin. But I can see you guys have migrated to Redux, and my migration seems to be ok.

    Can I move forward with my website setup ignoring all “Unyson Required” alerts?

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