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    Dear Shufflehound Support Team,


    I am reaching out for guidance on integrating a forum into my meditation-focused website,, which is currently built using the Jevelin theme. My goal is to establish a meditation community where users can share experiences, discuss various topics, and support each other in their meditation journey.


    I have attempted to use bbPress for this purpose, as it’s widely recommended for WordPress sites. However, I’ve encountered challenges in making bbPress work seamlessly with the Jevelin theme. Specifically, I’m looking to achieve a forum design and user experience that closely matches or complements the aesthetic of the Shufflehound support forum, or at the very least, harmonizes with my website’s existing theme.


    Given these objectives, I have several questions and requests for your assistance:


    Compatibility: Are there known compatibility issues between bbPress and the Jevelin theme? If so, are there workarounds or specific settings you recommend for integrating bbPress with Jevelin?


    Theme Customization: Can you provide guidance or resources on customizing bbPress (or any other forum plugin you recommend) to match the Jevelin theme’s look and feel? I am particularly interested in ensuring a consistent user experience across my website.


    Alternative Forum Solutions: If bbPress is not the best fit for my needs, could you recommend other forum plugins or platforms that are known to work well with Jevelin? My priority is ease of integration, customization flexibility, and a user-friendly interface for community members.


    Examples and Best Practices: Do you have examples of meditation or community-focused websites using Jevelin and a forum plugin successfully? Insights into best practices for design and functionality would be immensely helpful.


    Technical Support: I am planning to use ChatGPT to assist with coding and customization once I have a clear direction. However, I would appreciate any support or documentation you can provide to facilitate this process, including any specific recommendations for achieving a forum design similar to the Shufflehound forum.


    I believe that with the right tools and guidance, we can create an engaging and supportive online space for meditation enthusiasts. I am eager to hear your recommendations and any additional advice you may offer.


    Thank you very much for your time and support.


    Best regards,


    Randall R Baker



    Hi there,


    bbPress should be working fine; however, we have not made any custom integrations with our theme, so the design might differ from that of our theme.


    One suggestion we have is to install and activate the Yellow Pencil plugin under Appearance > Install Plugins. This could allow you to modify the appearance of bbPress.


    Best regards,

    Shufflehound Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)