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  • That is good news.  Do you have an estimated timeline for this?

    This is effecting the loading time of my website and in turn giving me negative SEO.



    I am familiar with how to use caching plugins and optimizing images. However, dynamic cache is also important and it is a feature I pay for that I cannot use because of issues with the Unyson framework.

    I understand you are doing you best, and I appreciate you trying to contact them.

    Are you actually planning on moving to a new framework?

    Yes, as said earlier we have decided to move to a new framework replacing the Unyson.

    That is great, but are we talking a year?  I need to know if I should stick with your theme or decide to move on.  There are also a lot of other people discussing the same thing.  Another concern is security.  If Unyson is no longer being supported by it’s authors, how would be know if a security flaw is going to be patched?

    I won’t hold you to a hard date, but can you give me an idea of when I can expect the update?  A week, a month, 3 months, 2 years?

    People who purchase the theme from you run websites for their business and depend on that income.

    Definitely not a year but a couple of months as we also have to consider the scenario where old websites of users have to migrate to a new framework smoothly.

    There is a discussion over at the evanto forums about this.  What are your thoughts on this comment:

    Unyson is an open source. If original developer leaves it, anybody can fork their own version and continue its development. And I am sure any big authors who rely on it will do just that.
    The type of excuse that the framework author stopped the development, so now I must leave my theme broken is stupid and makes NO sense in the context of WordPress themes. It is not cool if the framework author left the project, but you can’t demand a support for a FREE software. I mean, theme authors have to consider such situation when they decide to use a 3rd party library. Personally, I do not think that using a 3rd party framework for items sold on stock marketplaces is a good idea, exactly for reasons like this. But the bottomline is that you do not have to rely on the original framework developer to fix the issue, you can just fix it yourself (if you have the skills of course).

    BTW It is not fair to victimise the ThemeFuse, he haven’t forced anyone to use his framework. He offered free, open source software to the WP community. If the theme author is not aware of all the potential risks this brings, then maybe he shouldn’t use it.

    If you want to move forwards with this, you should clearly explain your case with all the evidence and send a ticket to Envato. Ideally with a statement from your theme author explaining the technicalities. Discussing this here in forums doesn’t lead anywhere.
    But realistically, if 99% people do not face any issues using Unyson themes, Envato is not going to do anything about it. I mean they should be aware of it, but they won’t stop selling those themes. That would negatively affect MANY people (including thousands of buyers happy with those themes) just because few people are facing issues. Makes no sense.
    However, they probably can disable themes on the individual basis. Like if you report a critical bug for a specific theme and author won’t be able to fix it, then I guess this theme can be disabled. But the fact whether the bug is in the theme or the framework doesn’t really play any role here.

    You should ask your developer to fork his own version of Unyson and fix the bug. This is the only realistic solution to this right now IMHO.

    Yes, this can be a solution to fork the Unyson plugin and maintain it but we didn’t find it viable and already considered replacing it as there is no point in maintaining the abandoned plugin.

    OK great, I look forward to seeing the progress as I really enjoy your theme.

    Sure, we will notify you about it.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 30 total)