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    It looks like you misunderstood my question. I am not asking the same question as koopatroopin.


    From what I can tell, Koopatroopin is asking for templates s/he sees in action on Jevelin demo sites. That’s not my question.


    I am asking for the templates that are accessed via Slider Revolution (on their slider set up page), which per SR are available to people who have the SR plugin via a theme purchase. Plus, they are supposed to be FREE for people who have the plugin.


    In this instance, I want SR’s “Classic” template.


    The screenshot I provided will let you know what SR is requesting. I will provide it again so you have it at hand.


    I am following exactly the directions provided by SR, their videos, their instructions, everything. I want to be able to do what SR says I should be able to do if I got the plugin via a theme purchase.


    I have attached screenshots of SR’s instructions, so you can view them verbatim.



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    Thank you for being so kind. This issue has been resolved.



    A screenshot won’t show anything¬†because the front end page is entirely white.


    I have now had to put my website under construction so customers don’t see the mess. I verified the problem with it out of construction mode, with the cache cleared.


    My thought was that the website has no organizing home page, just the blog attribution. So it’s not visible on the web.


    I might have to give you an editor role so you can see the problem from the backend? I’m not sure….

    Thanks for your response. I had to restore my content from backup to get rid of the 1000 pages. It doesn’t seem to have happened again. Thank goodness.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)