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  • My contact form is not working, I confirmed all of the SMTP information with godaddy. They explain that this theme’s contact form requires a username, and that their system will not allow a username. They followed my sending me the following information to send to you:

    <div class=”m_-2806229456502401478line m_-2806229456502401478number1 m_-2806229456502401478index0 m_-2806229456502401478alt2″><code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478variable”>$mail<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>->Host       = <code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478string”>”relay-hosting.secureserver.<wbr />net“<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>;</div>
    <div class=”m_-2806229456502401478line m_-2806229456502401478number2 m_-2806229456502401478index1 m_-2806229456502401478alt1″><code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478variable”>$mail<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>->Port       = 25;                   </div>
    <div class=”m_-2806229456502401478line m_-2806229456502401478number3 m_-2806229456502401478index2 m_-2806229456502401478alt2″><code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478variable”>$mail<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>->SMTPDebug  = 0;</div>
    <div class=”m_-2806229456502401478line m_-2806229456502401478number4 m_-2806229456502401478index3 m_-2806229456502401478alt1″><code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478variable”>$mail<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>->SMTPSecure = <code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478string”>”none”<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>;                 </div>
    <div class=”m_-2806229456502401478line m_-2806229456502401478number5 m_-2806229456502401478index4 m_-2806229456502401478alt2″><code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478variable”>$mail<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>->SMTPAuth   = false;</div>
    <div class=”m_-2806229456502401478line m_-2806229456502401478number6 m_-2806229456502401478index5 m_-2806229456502401478alt1″><code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478variable”>$mail<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>->Username   = <code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478string”>””<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>;</div>
    <div class=”m_-2806229456502401478line m_-2806229456502401478number7 m_-2806229456502401478index6 m_-2806229456502401478alt2″><code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478variable”>$mail<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>->Password   = <code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478string”>””<code class=”m_-2806229456502401478php m_-2806229456502401478plain”>;</div>

    For some reason the relay from godaddy showed up as this long stretch of code. I’ve attached it to this response in a word file.

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    Hi @mrbrooksca,


    Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.


    Are you getting emails from your site like user registration or comments posted?


    Please use following plugin to test whether your site sends email successfully.



    Best regards,
    Shufflehound team

    I downloaded the plugin and received the test email.. Does this mean that the issue is something else?


    Could you please try using Wp-mail send method and send test email after configuring it as shown in the attached screenshot?

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    I tried multiple times- did not work…

    Would you mind if i log in to your site and do some troubleshooting? If this is ok then could you please share me your site log in details privately by adding them in the box having text “Click here to share private content. Only you and forum moderators will bee able see it.”?

    I followed your instruction and submitted the information via the private section below- days ago. I haven’t received a response. Do you see the login information?

    No i didn’t get the login information so could you please share it again and let me know after sharing it.

    Ok I just submitted again. Let me know, thanks.

    Again i didn’t get it so now this time please send it on and revert me back here after sending it.

    Ok, I just emailed you the website login details.

    Thank you for sharing the details.

    I tried various options but it is not working without username so instead please try using following plugin to display contact form on your site.


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