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  • Just to follow up on this, if we wanted to use some WordPress conditional logic php code so that a graphic showed in a certain area (above where the main body content starts) on all POSTS that are under a certain category, would it be the “single.php” file we would edit and place in the child theme folder to have this conditional logic work so that the graphic showed on all post single article pages that are under our “weddings” category?

    Thank you! I know you cannot assist with custom development but just to confirm we do it right to create a unique category template page, should we copy “archive.php” to the child theme folder and then also place in the child theme folder the “category.php” file there? Or should we leave “archive.php” in the main theme folder and only place the updated “category.php” file in the child theme folder?

    Thank you so much. I appreciate your help.

    I guess, just to follow up on my comment above, is there any way to get a child theme zipped and sent to me that I can upload to my site and activate that won’t mess up our site that includes the right files to have it in that I can then add the altered header-3.php file to?

    Since we’re having such issues with our banner ad shortcode or template code working in the header ad spot on the Gillion template, I think we are going to have to hard code the template php ad code into the header. Since we’ll have to alter the header file can you help me with two things:


    1. Which php header file in the “inc” folder is the right one to copy (for the child folder) to hard code the banner ad template tag to if we are using the “with ad” header like this one ? It is “header-3.php”?
    2. Can you guide me on how to create a child theme to make a new “header-3.php” file work on our site with the banner ad template code hard coded in?



    Sure. I could create that admin login. Just to ask first, can I place in php code like:

    adsanity_show_ad( array(
    // any valid ad ID will do
    // (you can get this from the main list of ads)
    ‘post_id’ => 1,
    // (one of the following:
    // alignleft, aligncenter, alignright or alignnone)
    ‘align’ => false,
    // this will optionally return the output instead of echoing it
    ‘return’ => false,

    in that header AD spot? I tried and it just showed that text in the ad spot. I am trying to figure out a way (if I don’t use shortcode for the banner ad) for the ad to show on all pages. We’re using AdSanity banner ad plugin and they do have a php code option for showing the ad instead of shortcode if this is possible in the Gillion header ad spot. (

    Yes, I do face the same issue. I placed [gallery] in on that box and saved and on some of our site pages, nothing showed (we don’t have a gallery set up under the gallery section in the backend) and then on our directory pages, where we are having the problem with the shortcode showing (like the private link I sent originally above) it showed the text “[gallery]” in that space.

    This happened with another banner ad plugin we were using. It was the reason we changed to a whole new banner ad plugin but it is not resolving the issue so I think it is a theme header issue. Can you help?

    Just to update to my last post above… I have tried making the basic theme changes (color, fonts, etc.) through the “customizer” and the “theme settings” but the changes are not showing (and not a caching issue). Also, again, we are running on v3.7.5.

    Hi! Thanks for your reply.

    I am doing the changes through the Theme Settings (Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Settings). Should I be doing another way?

    Also, we just updated the theme a few days ago to v3.7.5 downloading it from Is that file above different in some way?

    Great! Thanks so much for the reply.

    Sure. Would you just need admin access to the dashboard?

    Hi! We have cleared our cache and viewed the site on 3 different browsers. All the same. It is all the styles (colors and fonts) we have set under Gillion >> Theme Settings >> Styling in the backend that are not applying. From the header bar at the top of the site all the way down to the footer background color. We are currently running Gillion 2.2.4.

    So, we were able to resolve this issue (by deleting the “posts-slider” folder from the theme “widgets” folder) but we are still having an issue with some images NOT loading on our homepage. Could you help us with this? Our staging environment URL is in the private info area below. As you will see, the “Ink With Intent” featured post image does not show. This has been happening for a week or so now but only for some images. They are all saved and uploaded the same way. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Ok. We have put in a ticket with the plugin developer as well. Hoping to get this resolved. If it can’t be resolved, do you have a banner ad plugin you KNOW works with the Gillion theme and “Gillion Elements” (in visual composer)? We just need a banner ad plugin that we can use to place ads and track impressions and click throughs.

    Thank you for your response. In our staging environment we did what you suggested and narrowed it down to being a plugin conflict with our banner advertising plugin WP PRO Advertising ( This is a very important plugin to us so is there any way you could see why your theme elements are conflicting with it? It appears as if any “Gillion Elements” in Visual Composer that use featured images as the images within the element when showing posts on the homepage do not show. The conflict between WP Pro advertising and the Gillion elements make it so the featured image URL doesn’t even pull into the code if you view page source. Any thoughts on how to fix? You can continue to view the issue on the URL in the private info area.

    Thanks. I deactivated the one we had installed (Pinterest Pin It Button by Weblizar) and installed and activated the “Pinterest Master” one you suggested. It is allowing the pin it button to show on individual post page images  (in the body of the page) but does not show the “pin it” button on the homepage images or the category page images. Is there a reason? Could it be conflicting with the hover color and/or z-index on the homepage or category main pages?

    Great! So we can, through FTP, completely update all the Visual Composer files in the “js_composer” plugin folder so it brings that plugin up-to-date with no problems?

    Thank you! The link is below (within the private content section). Basically the “pin it” button is not showing on most of the images on the site. I’ve seen it show on a couple of static images in the sidebar but not on all the main images on the homepage or subpages. Help!

    No, the 728×90 banner ad to the RIGHT of the logo (see screenshot attached and the banner ad circled in red). This banner ad, the book/buy now banner ad you see in the screenshot attached, does NOT show on mobile. Once the site is scaled down for mobile, that header banner ad disappears. We need to make sure it stays on the site on mobile. Maybe under the logo when the site is scaled down for mobile?

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    Sure! The URL is below in the private section (since we’re still under development we want to keep the url private until launched). Thanks!

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 24 total)