1. Shufflehound themes can be installed by two different methods:

1.1 Installing Shufflehound themes from WordPress administration dashboard (recommended):

  1. Log in to your WordPress Installation
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Themes
  3. Click on Add New or Add New Theme
  4. Click on Upload Theme
  5. Click on Choose File, select “theme_name.zip” and click Install Now
  6. When upload is finished, click on installed theme to Activate

1.2 Installing Shufflehound themes via FTP connection:

  1. Log in to your hosting server via FTP client (for example like FileZilla)
  2. Navigate to folder /wp-content/themes
  3. Upload “theme_name.zip” extracted content
  4. Log in to your WordPress Installation
  5. Navigate to Appearance > Themes
  6. Find installed theme and click Activate

2. After theme activation you will see plugin installation notice. Plugins provide major functionality to our themes, therefore it is important to install and activate them.

  1. Click on Begin installing plugin or navigate to Appearance > Install Plugins
  2. Install all recommended plugins (also thing about optional plugin installation)

3. Theme setup is complete and you can now install some of our demos