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  • Thanks Shufflehound! You guys are the best!


    In the items selection dropdown, you accidentally added 12 twice instead of 11 items. No biggie though, just a small error 🙂


    It works perfectly!

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    That’s highly appreciated. Looking forward to the implementation 🙂 Once we have that, we’ll be all set!

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    Dear Shufflehound,


    The Portfolio has it’s own archive page –


    I’m referring to that page. From the portfolio single page, if we click on the category, it goes to the archive page and loads thousands of posts at once. I need the pagination for that actually.

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    In case you’re wondering which pagination we’re referring to, it’s the one on the default Portfolio page:




    ^_^ Thanks Shuffelhound~

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    Dear Shufflehound,

    I can’t seem to find the option in the Theme Options. Could you direct me to where can I find that settings? The screenshot doesn’t show it clearly.


    I’m using theme version 2.5.3

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    Hi Shufflehound,


    Instead of opening a new ticket, I searched and found this. This has still not been implemented yet though. I have well over thousands items that will go under portfolio and I really need Pagination for this ^_^


    Maybe also an option to switch to AJAX loading as well?

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    That wouldn’t look that nice though..

    How about, splitting the section into two columns:


    Left Column: Image container limit to one post which is the latest

    Right Column: The same one we currently are using, limit to 4 posts, but have an option to “skip first”


    Is this possible?

    Solution for this topic

    Sorry, ignore this one. It’s caused by a woocommerce plugin actually. Sorry for the false alarm ^_^

    Dear Shufflehound,


    Thanks for the quick response. I’ve included my credentials in the box below. I would appreciate if you could also share with me how did you achieve this because this is only the staging site. I will then replicate the steps on the production site accordingly 🙂


    The are would be “Recent Work” part where you have a gallery of portfolio projects 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)